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Contra Costa's oldest non-profit farmers market organization supporting sustainable farming and community outreach since 1982.

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In our Own Back Yard Event

Join the Contra Costa Master Gardeners by Celebrating fresh, local, sustainable foods in January! See the information and details in the Flyer (pdf) and Registration Form (pdf).
Several of our vendors now accept credit cards for your puchases.
In Celebration of 30 Years….get a free packet of commemorative MM’s at the information booth while they last!

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We accept EBT & WIC

Market Fund Raising

the planet and your community in reducing, reusing and recycling.... stop by the market information booth to purchase reusable baskets and washable veggie bags.

Gift Certificates
Give a gift that encourages fresh, healthy habits by purchasing Contra Costa Certified Farmers' Market Gift Certificates. Available for cash purchase at the Market Manager Information booth.

Health and Wellness Business Sponsorship in 2013!

Health related businesses
have an opportunity to promote wellness and their local business at CCCFM markets by participating through Sponsorship. Call (925) 431-8361 for more information or email or Our Thanks to our past Sponsors!

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Sundays 9 - 1pm
For more information: Walnut Creek
Celebrating 30 Years!


Locust @ Cole
Locust @ Lacassie

The Sunday Walnut Creek market is selected the best farmers' market of 2012 by Local Harvest and Walnut Creek Magazine!

National Food Holidays

There's a food honored virtually every day of the year and January begins the parade of National Food Holidays by celebrating hot tea, oatmeal, soup, eggs and wheat bread. This Sunday, January 6 is Bean Day so you might want to make a hearty Bean Soup with that left over ham bone and fresh market carrots, onions, celery and potatoes.

Root vegetables are nutritional storehouses and sometimes overlooked, but they’re great choices for winter soups, stews, pot pies and casseroles. They also do very well on their own to roast and serve as a side dish.

One of the hardiest of root vegetables looks like a wide-top, ivory colored carrot. Parsnips are at the best after being touched by a little winter frost. The cold actually improves their flavor by converting some of the stored starch to sugar, resulting in a sweet, nutlike flavor.

To prepare parsnips trim the root ends and tops and pare with a vegetable peeler. Rinse before slicing, shredding or cutting into julienne strips. Parsnips may be served raw like carrots but are not as tender so many end up in soups and stews or alongside a roast of beef.

Turnip and rutabaga are look alike cousins and the fresh greens are edible and excellent sources of Vitamins A and C. Most turnips have white flesh and purple crowns, rough hairy leaves and medium grained texture. A high water content means turnips do not store well so it’s best to use them immediately after purchasing. Rutabagas on the other hand are more solid with a longer storage life. The yellow-orange roots, topped with smooth, waxy leaves are generally larger, sweeter and stronger-flavored than turnips.

There’s a knobby, brown bulb at the market that’s definitely worth a try cooked up and mashed with potatoes and garlic – celery root (celeriac). Under the rough exterior is a mild flavored crispy flesh that’s delicious raw or cooked!

Other root vegetables showing up at the market include beets, potatoes, and carrots. Try a roasted root medley by cutting your favorite washed and peeled root vegetable into 1 inch pieces (4 to 5 cups total) and tossing with 2-3 tablespoons olive oil and salt to taste in an oven proof dish. Cover with foil and bake at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. Toss on some fresh, chopped rosemary as a finishing touch if desired.

Enjoy and see you at the market!

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