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Mark your Calendars!

Orinda Farmers Market – Opens Sat. May 4

Concord High School Farmers Market - Opens Sun. May 5

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Farmers Market - Opens Tue. May 7

New * VA Martinez Farmers Market - Opens Wed. May 15

Fresh In-season Produce
Farmers market shopping is all about finding fresh in-season produce, specialty products and services, artisan baked goods and fabulous food vendors. While some market participants remain at the market all year others that specialize in one type of produce come and go with their season. (The Walnut Creek Sunday market is open year round/check the website at for more information for Orinda, Concord, Martinez and the new VA market).

Louie is in full swing selling asparagus at the Cecchini and Cecchini stand but winds up his last sales in June, sugar snap peas are at their best and available at a few of our market stands, and rhubarb is still growing in the fields at Ratto Farms waiting to make its small but grand entrance to pair up with fresh strawberries briefly. All are considered short season crops along with two other fleeting favorites- spring onions and green garlic.

Spring onions are pulled from the ground before they begin to show much of a bulb- more developed than a green onion or scallion but less mature than round, everyday onions. The long green tops still attached to the bunches of spring onions are just the thing to thinly slice along with the onion to sauté with asparagus. Red spring onions are the most beautiful of the bunch, boasting a streamline shape and a true mild, fresh flavor.

Keep in mind that spring onions are not “keepers” like large, dry onion. They’ll keep for up to a week in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, but the best rule of thumb is to buy fresh to enjoy each week while the season is upon us.

Green garlic offers the best of both worlds- not so strong that it overpowers the dish but strong enough to complement other ingredients. Green garlic is subtle, easy to use and easy to sniff out at the market.

Bunches of green garlic look similar to green onions or very small leeks. A slight purple tinge on the bunch and a quick sniff confirms its green garlic status.

Green garlic is the leafy shoots and immature head of new garlic plants. For the gardener this ritual of pulling up green shoots (green garlic) helps to thin the row of garlic plants and provides space for the bulbs left in the ground to develop into heads of garlic.

To prepare green garlic simply trim off the root end, slice the stalks and some of the stem on the diagonal and toss into a pan with a little olive oil to sauté with asparagus, rapini greens or spinach. A splash of brandy or sake can help to bring out some of the green garlic’s sweetness.

Other April Tidbits: Spring greens like Tat Soi and arugula, hot house tomatoes, more strawberry varieties.

Enjoy and see you at the market!

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