Coronavirus Response

To our customers,

Thank you for your support and for the kind words and posts we have received as we navigate this crisis together.  We are doing our best to roll out rapidly evolving guidelines and implement best practices to keep everyone as safe as possible while providing healthy farm-direct food to our community.  Please know that while you enjoy the freshest produce possible and wholesome prepared foods, you are also helping to support local farms and small food producers maintaining their livelihood as well as our vital local food system! 

At this time, our Market is managed with a very small staff and volunteers from the community. If you would like to help during this time of extraordinary change, please contact Staci at or (925) 787-0121

The adage “it takes a village” has never been more true!  We cannot do this alone and need cooperation in order to keep everyone safe. If you are sick, do not come to the market. Maintain a distance of more than 6 feet from others and please only send one member of your household when possible.

Note the following:

  • Face coverings are now required*
  • Please shop throughout the day, we are much busier in the morning
  • Pre-order!  Visit our Vendor Listing to inquire about pre-ordering from your favorite vendor, many are offering this option.
  • Rearranged Layout. The market looks a little different, this is done to increase distancing.
  • Wash your hands before, during and after the market. Look for handwash/hand sanitizing stations.
  • If there is a line, please visit another booth until that line shortens. 
  • Credit cards are accepted by the majority of our vendors if using cash please try to have exact change.
  • No sampling is allowed, if a booth allows you to grab your own produce, please take what you touch.  
  • No two booths are the same so please do not expect full uniformity across them. Depending on their product and size, different systems will work best for different vendors (and shoppers). Choose to shop at the booths that you feel most comfortable with and remember that the expectation is always that you wash produce before consumption.

*The order does not require children 12 and younger to wear masks. Children 2 years old or younger must not wear them because of the risk of suffocation. 

Children may have a hard time understanding social distancing, when possible please send only one adult to the market to shop.  We understand this may not be possible for everyone and that is ok too!

Public Statement


Dear Community,
Contra Costa Certified Farmers’ Markets, CCCFM Inc. operates two Certified Farmers’ Markets in the East Bay Area.   We proudly serve you in Orinda on Saturday, and downtown Walnut Creek on Sunday. A non-profit organization established in 1982, our mission is to support the development of local sustainable farming by cultivating vibrant farmers markets.
We would like to take a moment to clearly state that we stand in solidarity with those who seek to nurture a world where diversity is not only accepted but celebrated. Further, we do not believe pride to be political. We also recognize that standing in solidarity is not enough, that we must actively participate in abolishing bias. We are listening, learning, mobilizing to do our part. We cannot and should not remain silent while events around us hurt those we work so hard to serve.
Our agricultural system is made stronger and more resilient through diversity and so is our society.  We are committed to our markets being a safe space for hearts and minds.
Recent events have us all shaken and hearts broken, it is our sincere hope that as we reopen our society we re- build something new, something better.
Stronger together,